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The wonderful smell of scones.

Posted in Uncategorized by acuthbert on August 30, 2006

We baked some scones this weekend….. mmmmmmmmm the smell of fresh scones. I then tried to make some scones all by myself. It meant the untimely sacrifice of our weighing scales and the ceremonial scattering of the flour over every visible surface, but by Jove it was worth it.

Scone making tip of the week: If your scones taste doughy add some more sugar to the mix (in the next batch obviously).
Runner up scone making tip of the week: You can preview the final taste of the scones by tasting the mixture. Careful though… you might not have much mixture left if you do this….


How supermarkets defy probability

Posted in Uncategorized by acuthbert on August 26, 2006

My wife got lost again today. I went to find some raison toast (which sadly Tesco do not seem to stock. Shame on you Tesco) whereupon my wife disappeared into the mysts of aisle 11. According to her it was I who got lost, however the general point is – How can we get lost in Tesco!? Well it seems it’s all down to probability and the supermarkets strange effect on it. You would think that when trying to find someone in a supermarket the best thing to do would be to walk past the end of each aisle and look down them one by one. The odds are that given the much greater length of floor space down the length of the aisles as compared to the length across them the person you seek will be present down one of the aisles. But no, not in supermarkets. In supermarkets probability is cast asunder. I’ve tested this on numerous occassions. You can scan past every aisle as many times as you like – it won’t help. The person is always at the end of an aisle somewhere hidden from view of the aisle scanners. Perhaps it’s because the other person has had the same bright idea you did and is also scanning aisles from the other side of the store. But more likely is the unnatural power supermarkets have over us…. discuss.

Northern Ireland Government has a wiki! A wiki!

Posted in Uncategorized by acuthbert on August 20, 2006

Well don’t that beat all? Good old Northern Ireland has got itself a wiki! Not much on it except council minutes at the moment (and rudimentary guides to recycling) but how Web 2 are we!

Find it at:


Incidentally – I found an interesting page on the wiki about Mr. Paisley! Seems our governments view is that Mr. Paisley is “an evil senior politician”. Either that are the moderater of the wiki hasn’t checked in for a while!

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized by acuthbert on August 20, 2006

Welcome to my blog! Why ‘Dawn to Dusk’? I guess a blog called ‘acuthbert’ didn’t sound like it would have much to say about anything! I suppose neither does Dawn to Dusk but hey, at least it sounds poetic.

I’m a man of projects. Like all men my projects often get started and never finished. I believe the person who coined the phrase ‘fad’ was a disgruntled wife tired of counting the cost of endless cycle of new projects. Now I wouldn’t call all my projects ‘fads’ however even so a fad can be a good thing. Keeping to the same-old-same-old is not a way to expand the mind and with mounting evidence that you either use it or loose it (mentally speaking) I’m keen to broaden any horizon I can find.

I heard recently that you can tell all about a person from how the organise and manage their email inbox. Well I think you can learn a lot about a man by analysing his fads. Here’s some of mine, past and present:

  • Programming (not really a fad – it’s my main hobby and livelyhood and will no doubt keep me entertained until the wee small hours)
  • Electronics. I used to love building circuits on the old breadboard, especially if it involved ICs (microchips to the uninitiated). I once built a remote control light turning off thing, but alas when they started appearing on the shelves (in packages about a hundredth the size of mine!) I consigned the project to the attic. My electronics hobby went with it.
  • Growing Veggies. I love my veggie patch. Sadly so do anonymous creatures that eat them during the night.
  • Composting. A new one this – and hopefully one I’ll keep up. Totally fasinated watching green stuff turn to em, brown stuff.
  • Ethically living. Okay, okay – I’m not exactly the model green warrior but I’m keen to improve and champion the cause.

So, that’s some of the ideas that churn about in me old noggin. I should also mention that I’m a deep thinker on all subjects philosophical, but more about that later!