Dawn to Dusk

Second time lucky

Posted in Baking by acuthbert on September 9, 2006

Well the first loaf didn’t turn out so good. It certainley looked the part but John Holmes summed up the overall bread production rating with a single up turn of the nose. It was the smell that did it – smelt like a yeast bed sit. Still if at first you don’t succeed try try again. With a new recipe and past experience under the belt the second loaf was a big improvement. Still needs some more salt and less yeast, and apparently plain flour isn’t the best. Hot bread making tip: keep trying.


The smell of fresh baking…

Posted in Baking by acuthbert on September 4, 2006

Okay – I admit it, I’m a man of fads. My latest is baking but it is sooo rewarding. It’s pretty easy too. The first time baking some scones I managed to smash the weighing scales, but it turns out they aren’t really all that necesary anyway – it’s much more fun to wing it.

Right now I’m waiting for a freshly baked loaf to cool before enjoying it with some jam and a cup of tea. It smells a bit yeasty – but I’m sure it’ll taste good.

Makes you think though – they mightn’t of had TV, fancy crisps etc. 150 years ago but they would sure have enjoyed the smell of fresh baked bread and scones a lot more often.