Dawn to Dusk

The smell of fresh baking…

Posted in Baking by acuthbert on September 4, 2006

Okay – I admit it, I’m a man of fads. My latest is baking but it is sooo rewarding. It’s pretty easy too. The first time baking some scones I managed to smash the weighing scales, but it turns out they aren’t really all that necesary anyway – it’s much more fun to wing it.

Right now I’m waiting for a freshly baked loaf to cool before enjoying it with some jam and a cup of tea. It smells a bit yeasty – but I’m sure it’ll taste good.

Makes you think though – they mightn’t of had TV, fancy crisps etc. 150 years ago but they would sure have enjoyed the smell of fresh baked bread and scones a lot more often.


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