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Video editing – a new way to loose the plot

Posted in Technology by acuthbert on August 21, 2006

Taking video is great fun. Planning angles, getting lighting just right, getting those crucial shots just right – these are the things that make shooting video a pleasure. Unfortunately to make up for this evidently unreasonably entertaining hobby we were blessed with the ‘wonders’ of digital editing on our home computers. If I sound like a man on the edge you must forgive me.Pinnacle Studio could well be an ex military project for wearing down people’s will to live. It’s not just Pinnacle (although it is by far the worst example). Home computers might be many hundreds of times faster than 20 years ago, but it’ll be another 10 at least before doing anything more complicated than a single track edit of your holiday video becomes a pain free experience. Gosh it might even be fun.

At least with analogue noone expected much. Do a wedding with a DV cam and people expect the next holywood blockbuster from you! If only home computers could actually live up to the hype which Intel and the boys dish out in buckets.

Of course in 10 years when the computers are up to scratch to edit video quickly and stabily some bright spark will come up with the home equivilant of an HDTV dv camera and the cycle will continue again.

Perhaps people could just rely on their memories more often. Sometimes a video is just too realistic. The mind has a lovely way of embellishing our good memories and being generous with our bad ones. Give me a bunch of stills any day. But maybe that’s the frustrated, 3-more-hours-to-render-and-then-crash side of me coming through!


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  1. G said,

    Bert, watch out, you’ll have all the Mac fanboys bestowing the virtues the some program or other beginning with i?

    Speaking of which did you here about apples attemps to globally trademark the word pod! Will the letter ‘i’ be next? Then we’ll have to change the englsh language and ensure we never use t anywhere n anytng we wrte!

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