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The wonderful ‘2 things at once’ duo

Posted in Technology by acuthbert on August 21, 2006

Has anyone seen the latest PC World advert for the Intel duo chip? At last they are finally admitting their sales people don’t know squat about computers. Turns out their marketing and research department don’t either…The latest PC World advert boldly claims that the Intel duo will let you do two things at once like “downloading your emails while uploading some tunes”. Erm… my Windows 3.1 486 could do that back in 1996 (ok ok, uploading tunes wasn’t quite vogue back then but you get the idea).

Great job PC World. Finally you’ve managed to insult the intelligence of all computer users – not just the techies.


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  1. G said,


    So true. The wonderful world of marketing I guess.

    That’s even worse than the AOL ads with the big progress bar on screen, while they downloaded an image, Which stopped half way cause your monthly uasage limit had been reached!

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