Dawn to Dusk

Soap, marvellous soap

Posted in Living Ethically by acuthbert on August 20, 2006

Replacing shampoo with soap isn’t exactly part of an ethical code I subscribe to, however the general principle of keeping things simple is. Have you ever looked at the back of a shampoo bottle? The list of chemicals is pretty scary. Do we really need sodium-tricloroethane (I made that up chemical fans before anyone tells me so) to keep clean? Hey I thought, if soap was good enough in those olden days why not now.  I got myself some 30p tesco natural soap (vegetable extracts only) and initial reports are good.

My hair does feel thicker and not quite as soft, but it’s clean which is good enough for me.

It’s the long term effects which are unknown as yet. Will my hair fall out, go grey, get dandruff etc. etc. I’ll let you know how it works out.


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