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“Here’s my bright idea”

Posted in Living Ethically by acuthbert on August 20, 2006

Listening to Orson – Bright Idea at the moment and it prompts me to share an idea I had today while in Tesco. Could the supermarkets not provide their staple products in big Vats through which you fill up your own containers. Orange juice, rice, pasta, milk, olive oil, vinegar, detergent, washing up liquid etc. could all be candidates for such a system as it would save an awful lot of wasted plastic and glass. And yes we can recycle these things but a lot of energy is wasted in their production and recycling. Better to reuse than recycle! Here’s how I see it working:

  • You bring your container to the dispenser of the appropriate product
  • You keep the button held until your container is filled.
  • The dispenser prints out a label reflecting the amount of product dispensed (just like the old vegetable and fruit weighing scales)

Hopefully if it caught on even the branded products would be keen to join in.

Of course such as scheme would have its problems:

  • The dispensers would need cleaned and carefully managed so not to mix old and fresh product
  • Advice would need to be given to customers to make sure they clean the containers properly!

But I reckon these would be easy to get around. What do you think?


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  1. alison said,

    I think it would save time if we all just lived in tesco. That way we wouldnt need containers to transport the goods, another eco-friendly idea.

  2. acuthbert said,

    Sometimes it feels like we live in Tesco doesn’t it? I live about 30m as the crow flys from Tesco so I’m in and out far more often than can be healthy. To be really eco-friendly we’d have to live at the depo as the containers bring the food there first. Even better, live on a grow-everything farm and just live off the land! It’ll be some time before my vegetable growing (and defending) skills are up to scratch to do this though!

  3. Simon Gough said,

    And another one…

    I was listening to the radio the other day and they had someone from Tesco on giving off about the huge increase in energy prices and the harmful effect we were all having on the environment with Chelsea tractors and all that. The person from Tesco also mentioned that we should all start using renewable energies, solar power and all that. mmmm, don’t they have huge big warehouses and shopping centres that would make great solar panel spaces?? Sorry, just another rant on renewables, recycling and the rest.

  4. acuthbert said,

    Good point – especially considering the vast units of power they use up refrigerating half the store. They should hand out jumpers near fridge section. At least they’re making some progress on the bag front since introducing their green points. In tescos today quite a few people were using reusable bags.

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